On the brink of SoMething special?


NHS Social Media is at a crucial point in its development and maturity, not dissimilar to the adoption around 20 years ago of the web itself by NHS organisations, both at national level and amongst frontline organisation and their staff delivering on the ground.

It has matured from being a new-fangled concept, through a bleeding-edge set of tools and approaches, to a point where most NHS organisations now realise:

  • it is increasingly the arena of choice and activity for growing numbers of patients, families, staff and stakeholders;
  • the NHS really needs to up its game and begin to use it properly;
  • if used properly it could deliver real value to the NHS itself as well as the people working in it and the individuals it exists to serve; and
  • it isn’t going to go away.

Report CoverOur Report is intended to help the NHS move beyond the brink, fully embrace the Social Media stealth revolution and reap the benefits for staff, patients, service users and their families.  Thanks to great support from NHS Providers, you can download a copy for FREE.

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