Finding needles in haystacks


One of the most serious challenges facing organisations seeking to develop and maximise their social media presences is the need to identify the social media accounts of only those key individuals and organisations that are most directly and most distinctly relevant to them, and then identifying amongst the tens of thousands of followers of these accounts only those that are also relevant to them.

There are an estimated 15 million active Twitter users in the UK alone. The UK total for Facebook is 24 million and for LinkedIn it is 10 million. Amongst the newer arrivals, UK Pinterest users have increased 10-fold from 200,000 to over 2 million between 2012 and 2013.

This challenge can often seem unsurmountable. Many organisations can find themselves communicating and engaging with hundreds if not thousands of people who have no interest in them, whilst missing many people and organisations who are most important to them.

haystack needlesIt can feel like trying to find needles in haystacks.

“Find SoMeOne in Health” is a revolutionary product we have developed that addresses this key need. It contains a UNIQUE data store of over 300,000 UK Twitter accounts interested in health and healthcare.  It is now available for YOU to use to find your own organisation’s needles

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