The media is a highly charged arena where individuals and organisations compete to get their message across, to promote their reputation, to inform their stakeholders, customers or service users and to defend themselves against attacks from rivals or detractors.

To be successful, they need to drive the news agenda, shape perceptions and narrative, own and occupy the space in which they operate and swiftly counter any inaccurate information or allegations about themselves.Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 14.22.39

For over 2 decades, we have been helping high profile individuals and household names do precisely that.

As long ago as the early Nineties, we helped the Parliamentary All-Party Football Committee reshape public and political opinion about the national game and the millions of people who follow it – moving pubic perception away from stereotypes about drunken or violent football thugs and towards a more accurate and positive agenda of safe stadia, family entertainment and national pride.

In Opposition and in Government, we pioneered and embedded Labour’s famous “Rapid Rebuttal” operation – described by journalists as “knocking down inaccurate attacks with stunning speed and accuracy” and “a fearsome media machine credited with helping the party to win the 1997 general election.”

More recently, we have helped organisations such as Bombardier Transportation and Network Europe Group (a market-leading supplier to NHS Primary Care)  establish a firm and fair media profile, changing newspapers’ and broadcasters’ mindset, public opinion and Government policies – with award-winning and bottom-line results.