As part of our assignments for Tameside Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust, we developed end-to-end business processes for:

  • listening to ideas and comments from staff, service users and stakeholders;
  • considering the extent to which those ideas were already in place, could be adopted or incorporated into Trust Business Plans;
  • tracking delivery of the ideas and outcomes;
  • providing feedback and responses to the original suggester.

In both cases, the Trusts welcomed the degree to which our ‘Listen>Consider>Respond’ approach was able to complement, augment and improve their existing operations and effectiveness.  This led to them being incorporated by the Trusts into their mainstream business.  In particular, it integrated their digital listening, social media and stakeholder engagement activities with PALS, governance and business improvement.

The Care Quality Commission inspection into Tameside Hospital also referenced our work through Tameside Listens in their Inspection Report.


Commenting on our work, Emma McKinney, Head of Communications and Engagement, said

“You didn’t just give us advice and support, you also equipped us with the tools to enable us to get the job done ourselves. I can’t fault your drive and enthusiasm to get the job done.”

Southern Health NHSFT Chief Executive, Katrina Percy said of our work

“As Chief Executive, I don’t just need passive advice and support.  I need concrete outcomes and demonstrable deliverables.  You gave us both.”

Tameside Hospital Chief Executive, Karen James, said of our work

“Tameside Listens was a great programme of work that we will now progress and align with our future engagement strategy. It was a pleasure working with you and I hope we will have the opportunity going forward of doing so again.”


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