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The Likely Outcome Tracker / Opinion Mapper combines qualitative analysis with web technology to produce a powerful opinion mapping, tracking and presentational solution.

The Tracker identifies each key player, influencer, decision-maker and opinion former involved in a proposal or topic and assign to them 2 indicators:

  • their current known degree of support or opposition for the proposal or topic; and 
Tameside Outcome Tracker
  • their degree of Importance or Influence over its successful implementation or adoption.

Multiplying these two indicators together provides for each person a combined Likely Outcome Score or Opinion Index depending on their likely influence over the eventual outcome. Totaling all scores for all known individuals provides an overall Programme Likely Outcome Score or Balance of Opinion.

The gearing is designed to avoid being judgmental, but to provide a hard- headed assessment of the current and developing prospects for overall success of the proposal or adoption of the idea. As each individual’s known attitude or degree of influence changes over time, so the overall likelihood of a successful outcome can be continually refined.

The current known state of play is captured and displayed in web-enabled matrix that provides a uniquely powerful depiction of the current known state of the proposal’s or idea’s implementation. It also greatly enhances a team’s or project’s ability to identify and target the key influencers and decision-makers whose views offer the greatest support or threat to successful implementation or adoption.