The challenge facing adult training providers has never been greater. The problem of having to deal with mountains of paperwork and the burden of admin is massive and growing. They often have to deal with the requirements of multiple funders and awarding bodies, who may typically have different reporting requirements and processes.

Sub-contractors will be well aware that profit margins are wafer thin and that cashflow is critical to their survival. Yet all too often, payments can fall through the cracks, be delayed or in extreme cases missed altogether. When this can lose them up to £4,000 per Learner, they know it is a problem they simply cannot afford.Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 09.04.50

Working with a leading UK training provider over a 2 year period, we analysed and refined their business processes and helped them transform their back-office operations, supported by a unique business solution.  Our analysis, approach and tool is now available for use by others.

It helps training providers to solve some of their mission-critical business problems, save considerable amounts of time and money and transform the way they and their staff are able to go about their daily work and grow their business.

Learner Manager enables them to efficiently store, easily access and actively manage and track – in one place – the key information most important to them.  This includes details for every individual learner and their progress through registration, learning and achievement.

And uniquely, our analysis covers the entirety of the end to end business process, including claiming funding and payments. Providers can instantly access details and reports of every Learner’s progress and their accounts with training funders.  It means they can spot and resolve problems or oversights before they become critical or fatally impact on margin or cashflow.

Commenting on our work, Trevor Bowmer, Managing Director of Mitre Group said

“Unlike many in your field, you are able to understand the strategic needs of business, so your work is always focussed and relevant. I recommend you to businesses who want practical, effective, working solutions to their information challenges.”


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