The NHS Leadership Academy’s Nye Bevan Leadership Programme is aimed at senior NHS leaders who have led larger functions or departments for some time and are thinking of moving up to the organisation’s top team.  It equips them with the leadership skills that help them influence beyond their immediate sphere and across traditional boundaries.

And it enables them to make a fundamental difference to the quality of care not just in their own organisation but across the healthcare system.

Since 2014, we have designed and delivered the Social Media component of the Nye Bevan Leadership Programme.  Our component teaches leaders to:

  • Debunk myths about Social Media skills
  • Practice Social Media behaviours
  • Understand Social Media channels
  • Begin to build Social Media relationships
  • Produce good Social Media content
  • Learn six steps of Social Media campaigns
  • Secure senior Social Media engagement
  • Have confidence to innovate through Social Media

After an intensive 12 months of self-managed learning, participants receive the NHS Leadership Academy’s highest accolade – the Award in Executive Leadership, designed to:

  • give them an unrivalled understanding of the NHS from a system-wide, national and global perspective
  • develop the skills, knowledge, attitudes and belief they need to succeed at executive or board level
  • see them collaborate with high calibre peers, using their diverse experiences to solve difficult problems and deliver cultural and system-wide change within the NHS
  • expand their horizons and challenge inherited wisdom to improve outcomes and care for patients – armed with the ideas and tools to raise the bar by tackling complex problems with fresh thinking
  • help them build a powerful support network within the healthcare system
  • enhance their ability to influence local and national policies
  • ensure they make an immediate personal and organisational impact to improve experiences for patients and whole communities.