The Social Media Capability Assessment is a unique tool developed for the social media marketplace by J B McCrea Ltd.  It is a powerful analysis and benchmarking solution that enables you to objectively assess your organisation’s current social media capability using 100 scores spread across 20 maturity indicators and benchmark each of them against the NHS average.

It offers superb value for money at just £750 plus VAT for an unlimited number of users from a single organisation.

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The Capability Assessment offers a host of unique features:

  • Unlike other social media tracking tools, it crucially assesses not just Social Media Capability in isolation, but also how well social media is embedded in, integrated with and supported by the wider organisation and its core business and leadership strategies, functions and processes
  • Uniquely, it allows you to benchmark your scores against the NHS average, derived from our powerful performance store of NHS social media capability
  • If you are an NHS organisation, there is no limit to the number of people you can invite to contribute to your Capability Assessment
  • You receive a full Powerpoint pack with each individual’s scores as well as a summary organisation-wide view – so everyone can see their own results
  • The Capability Assessment is carried out using a web-based survey, which is available 24×7 to all
  • We can host the Assessment for you for free, or alternatively if you wish, we can also let you have the necessary html coding, so you can embed the survey in your own Intranet or web pages – the results from both methods will be combined in a single Assessment.

NHS in state of Low Maturity Social Media

The tool objectively assesses an organisation’s current social media capability across four Dimensions:

  • Channels and Communities
  • Content
  • Leadership and Policy
  • Organisation and Culture

Each Dimension contains five indicators built upon an objective description of an organisation at increasing levels of capability – with an underlying algorithm to apply a maturity score for the organisation for each indicator at each level of capability.  These in turn produce an overall Organisational Maturity Assessment.

To date, we have successfully carried out Capability Assessments for over 400 individuals in more than 30 public sector organisations.  These include NHS Acute Trusts, NHS Community Trusts, national Improvement Initiatives and Leadership organisations.

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The assessment is carried out using a web-based survey questionnaire, accessible 24×7 to all users, branded if you wish with your organisation’s logo and password protected.

We can also let you have the necessary html coding, so you can embed the survey in your own Intranet or web pages.

Users ‘score’ their organisation by selecting the objective description that best describes the current state. The descriptions have been carefully designed so they are non-judgemental and outcomes focussed. (e.g… they state “The organisation has existing lists or maps of its stakeholders, but has not carried out an exercise to identify their social media presences” rather than “the organisation maps its stakeholders well”).

This means that the assessment is purely evidence-based, rather than opinion driven. It ensures that users do not require a detailed knowledge of the internal workings of social media to give an accurate description. It also provides a non-threatening way for areas of relative weakness to be identified and addressed.


Building on the Capability Assessment with your Social Media Improvement Plan

Once you have completed and received your Social Media Capability Assessment, if you choose, you can use it to set goals for improvement and develop and manage implementation of a tightly outcomes-focussed Social Media Improvement Plan.

HOW WE CAN HELP YOU DEVELOP YOUR IMPROVEMENT PLANScreen Shot 2014-11-04 at 14.56.52Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 14.46.55

We discuss the findings of your initial assessment with you in a facilitated session, where we also discuss and agree a desired maturity goal for each indicator, as well as develop specific improvement actions designed to move the organisation towards each desired indicator goal.

You receive a detailed summary and commentary on each Indicator, together with current assessment score, desired outcome score and actions agreed.


The Capability Assessment can be repeated at any time in the future to determine whether the desired improved outcomes have been secured, subject to an additional fee.  You can determine whether there are any outstanding actions that may be contributing to a desired improved outcome not currently having been secured.  You can also determine whether any additional Improvement Actions are required.

One very satisfied client told us:

“You delivered a Social Media Capability Assessment, a comprehensive Social Media Improvement Plan and an innovative mobile Listening App. However you didn’t just give us advice and support, you also equipped us with the tools to enable us to get the job done ourselves.”

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