The Social Media Roles, Skills and Competencies Framework has been created by J B McCrea Ltd Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 17.08.59to aid implementation of an organisation’s Social Media Strategy and Improvement Plan.

The Framework contains 8 roles, mapped across 60 responsibilities and 30 skills. The responsibilities are broken down into

  • Strategic Responsibilities and
  • Day to Day Responsibilities.

Each role also has an outline role description.

The roles span all levels of the organisation from the Board/Top Of the Office to Operational Leads.  They have been developed through hard-bitten experience of delivering social media successfully on the ground.

Working with our clients, we map these roles and responsibilities to their existing operations and personnel.  We also carry out a skills and competencies gap analysis, to identify where extra training and/or recruitment may be necessary.  Often we find that existing communications and engagement staff can easily step up to the mark if given sufficient guidance and training.

The 8 roles do not necessarily need to be assignScreen Shot 2014-11-12 at 14.18.13ed separately to 8 single individuals, nor are the majority brand new or unfamiliar. They could be combined in one person’s responsibilities (e.g. Content Generator and Marketing Manager).  Many of them (e.g. Chair, Chief Executive, Director of Operations) are central already-existing roles into which we design a social-media aspect.

The important point is that each of the responsibilities need to be assigned to and carried out by at least one individual if the overall strategy is to be delivered successfully.

The Framework is a central component of an overall Social Media Capability Assessment and Improvement Plan.

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