Our website, social media channels and Campaign Monitor are the main routes through which we communicate with you and external parties.  Our social media channels comprise our Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/jbmccrealtd and Twitter account @jbmccrea.

From time to time you may be asked for personal information if you complete one of the forms on this site.  We will never share this information with any external party without your permission.

We may from time to time use Survey Monkey for questionnaires.

We may from time to time use data obtained from third parties.  Before doing so, we check that they are operating in compliance with GDPR.

We regularly review the data we hold to ensure it remains relevant and useful for our activities.

Personal information you submit via this website, via Survey Monkey and/or Campaign Monitor is stored on secure servers, only accessible to authorised personnel and password protected.

We provide communications and management services to a range of public sector bodies, including those providing health and care services under the NHS and Social Care Act.  We believe therefore that we have a legitimate interest in keeping people updated on our work and products and may, from time to time, send you communications about this.  You have the right to choose not to receive these communications from us.  We also may use our data services to enable them to fulfil their duties as a public authority, relying on the public task lawful basis for GDPR.

You may remove or change your details at any time. You have right of access to your personal information held by us on our behalf by written request to:

GDPR Enquiries
J B McCrea Ltd
Cumberland House
Matlock Bath

or via e-mail to enquiries@jbmccrea.com