The Power of ‘SMILE’


Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 01.38.05Listening and Engagement are becoming cornerstones of a modern communications strategy or communications Leader.   We think we need to go further.

To Listening and Engagement, we would add the importance of Social Media and Improvement.

Putting them all together, we believe an integrated strategy of Social Media, Improvement, Listening and Engagement can make the NHS ‘smile’.

The three challenges for a successful NHS SMILE Strategy

We believe there are three key challenges that need to be addressed to support NHS frontline organisations and enable them to successfully implement a SMILE approach  to ensure it delivers tangible mainstream value:

  • The challenge of Integration – how to integrate Social Media, Improvement, Listening and Engagement with frontline organisations’ strategic objectives, core business processes and operations;
  • The challenge of Engagement – how to ensure NHS organisations’ SMILE strategy secures support and involvement from the Boardroom, frontline staff, patients and their families and stakeholders – and delivers tangible results and real value to all of them;
  • The challenge of Focus – how to ensure each NHS Organisation’s SMILE footprint, activities and content are tightly focussed and centred on those key individuals and organisations that are most directly and most distinctly relevant to them.

To address the challenges of Integration and Engagement we have developed the Social Media Capability Assessment.  

This is a powerful analysis and benchmarking solution that objectively assesses an organisation’s current social media capability across four Dimensions:

  • Channels and Communities
  • Content
  • Leadership and Policy
  • Organisation and Culture

It enables NHS organisations objectively to assess their current social media capability, set goals for improvement and develop and manage implementation of a tightly outcomes-focussed Improvement Actions Plan.  Unlike other social media tracking tools, it crucially assesses not just Social Media Capability in isolation, but also how well social media is embedded in, integrated with and supported by the wider Organisation and its core business and leadership strategies, functions and processes.  It also assesses integration of Social Media with Improvement, Listening and Engagement.

It allows the organisation to glimpse where it might get to across all areas of activity and develop a tightly focussed Improvement Plan to enable it to move towards the ideal.


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